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Aluminum is light weight, strong , resistant to corrosion. Not surprisingly, it has become the second most widely used metal, next to steel.

Industry Specialization

Aluminium extrusion technology in modern industries continues to be a subject of discussion and evaluation concerning its application to the working environment. The demand for and application of aluminium extrusion in architecture and in the manufacture of auto mobiles, small machine components, structural component and especially aircraft, have increased tremendously, and competition in this industry is intense. The extrusion industry is now more than 100 old.

Industrial Uses: Aluminium is used extensively in almost countless application because of its high strength combined with low density. Also it is corrosion resistant to the atmosphere as a thin film of aluminium oxide forms over aluminium surfaces which protect it from further corrosion. Also, aluminium is non-toxic making it suitable for application involving contact with food products.

The most extensive and biggest use of aluminium is in packing. It used for packing in various forms such as cans, foils, tubes, and bottle tops. Second biggest use of extruded aluminium is in transportation. Aluminium extruded sections are widely used in most transport vehicles. It is particularly suited for aeroplanes. A modern aeroplane contains about 80% aluminium by weight; A Boeing 747 contains about 75 tons of aluminium.

Electrical transmission is another very big application area for aluminium. It has about 63% of electrical conductivity of copper but only half the density. That makes it a very attractive substitute for copper in electric cables and transmission lines. Particular for bare conductors of transmission lines, aluminium is the only choice.

Aluminium finds very big application in construction industry as forming Architectural channels or sections of window and door frames, cladding, and roofing. Aluminium is also used for painting other surfaces. Aluminium is also used extensively for making stylish and light weight furniture. It is particularly popular for folding and other type of furniture which is intended to be shifted and stored away frequently.